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Episode — 8
Last Day of Treatment
This is the final group session! Dr. Tolin exposes all 5 patients to what may be their hardest exposure yet. Most of the patients conquer the exposure with little hesitation, but one patient, Kristen, is asked by Dr. Tolin to consider entering an ongoing residential treatment facility in Wisconsin for a similar treatment program to that of The OCD Project; but on a more normal and less intense time regiment. And in this episode Dr. Tolin follows up with each of the 5 patients, 3 months after all the patients have checked out, to see if they've fallen back into old compulsive behaviors, or continued in their progress from the show to beat OCD. Also, what about Kevin? You'll find out how he's doing since his departure from the project.
Episode 8 — Bonus clip
Dr. Tolin answers viewer questions that were submitted to Vh1. Some of the questions include: "Does OCD always start because of a tragic event?" and "Are there cases of sufferers with OCD where the obsessions and compulsions TOTALLY consume the suffers' time and life?".
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